Thursday, July 30, 2009

ModernBlueBeetle stage2

So here's the last one in my "Beetle Retrospective."

This is last individual (for now) to bear the name Blue Beetle. I really dig the raping of the original concept, only because they stumbled onto something pretty cool. Eventhough there are a couple leaps that spit in the face of even the most elastic comic book logic. The whole "this is the same scarab the original golden age Blue Beetle used" but this time around, it's all space agey and high tech. It bugs me (ha) but not because I don't like the new suit, I don't like the "it will be explained in time" or the "that's one of the mysteries" defenses.

I really like Reyes as the new BB, he's young, energetic, and brings more richness to brazenly retarded changes to the character over the years. He's got some cool Spidey elements to him with the "figuring out his powers" thing and he's a little more lighthearted in all the gloom and doom. His costume could very easily lean towards the dark and brooding side, so I hope they reserve that for when he's older (if the poor guy survives).

So until Kord comes back as the new Parallax, I approve of the new Beetle legacy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ModernBlueBeetle stage1

So here's our dearly departed Ted Kord. This may sound jacked up...but I hope he stays dead. Let him go down tragically while being a smart guy (like he was supposed to be). This was the guy who introduced me to the idea of the BlueBeetle WAY back when with a DC Heroes trading card. I knew SHIT about DC's stable of characters (outside the main biggies) so it was kinda funny that I instantly identified with this guy that i'd never heard of before.

I may even blame some of my archetype-casting obsession on BB here. I remember looking at that trading card and thinking. "This guy is part Spiderman and part Batman, this is so cool!" So, you wanna blame somebody? Blame him.

Monday, July 27, 2009

ClassicBlueBeetle stage3

Now THIS version is probably the most common look for what folks would consider the "classic" look. He spent most of his career in these threads (which was actually thread at this point...or at least spandex). They didn't really make any more reference to the "light as silk" chainmail anymore.

We also had the widest array of powers and minor costume variations when he looked like this. Sometimes he had a domino mask, sometimes sunglasses type goggles, etc. Sometimes he could fly, sometimes he couldn't. Amazing what was acceptable when any editorial questioning on gehalf of the readership was answered with, "Shut up, they're just kids."

Friday, July 24, 2009

ClassicBlueBeetle stage2

This here is the costume that's primarily considered his FIRST costume, mostly because the hat&jacket look only lasted for a split second. This one is the one that was specifically referred to as a chainmail type fabric that was "as light as silk and as strong as steel."

Other than the fact that it's just SO damn classic, I don't know why I dig it so much.

Again, sorry about the quality...speed sketches, folks!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

ClassicBlueBeetle stage1

In celebration of my rekindled love of classic GoldenAge characters (or to exercise the demons) however you wanna look at it. I've done a bunch of speed sketches of different guys...and then colored'em so they'd be semi-worthy to post. A couple years ago I had a rash of mini-obsessions with certain characters. BB here always comes back to haunt me.

This is how Blue Beetle first looked when he appeared in MysteryMen in 1939. This look didn't last long, but it resonates for me because it's a signpost for the spirit of the Blue Beetle. The character has always been treated with a "willingness-to-change" and distort to keep the character going. It's interesting to watch, not just the physical changes, but the back story alterations too.

This is the first in a series

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Buffy theEmeraldScarab

I got carried away with the musculature on this one. I usually kee it pretty simple as to not reveal my limited knowlege of human anatomy.

Apparently deep down inside, I still wanted people to know.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Been drawings

Sorry for the lackin posts (i love apologizing to myself) I have had a personal goal to post every day....I had it there for a week or two.
I've been writing and tweaking a bunch of different shit, so there's been considerably less doodling.

Last week sucked beyond reason and had totally awesome shit go down too. I got to see this band that I really dig for the first time and they were great. I didn't show up for work one day because they fucked up my scheduel, so it looked like I just abandoned my job, no call in, no nothing. I hooked up with TWO new collaberators and within HOURS one of them is already showing me what a badass he is. My freakin awesome grandmother passed away and because she was sick for a while, I was able to build up this preparative wall and just make myself numb to it. So now i feel guilty that I'm not crushed, I've always been able to compartmentalize emotions if given enough time to prepare and I think some of my family is confused by my lack of emotion about the situation.

Now like any time when shit sucks, the inspiration comes flowing. I nailed the shit out of a song that i've been trying to do for a while. On the comic book front, I've been able to write some stuff completely in character and some that's completely OUT of character, which is a nice change. We've got some great movement on MAM and things are looking up.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A new fisherman

Amongst other crap, I've been mulling over the third and final installment of the Fisherman's story.

I don't believe this image will really betray anything even with the second story not out yet. Hopefully some smart cookie out there will see a little something in THIS image once they read the featured story in th MAM Summer issue.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Dammit, Dick!

Nothing extra to add...this is the last one. Just to go along with the Bat-rantings.

Friday, July 10, 2009


DISCLAIMER: I have not read this new crop of Bat-books, so if you want to dismiss my uneducated and uninformed opinions, I give you the opportunity to disregard this and not waste your time reading it.

That being said...I understand many of the choices made in the latest changes to the Bat-family universe were made for dramatic impact OR to draw out the whole shittery as long possible. I'm throwing this out there again, I DO NOT read all 12 of these books on a regular basis, so I don't know if they've morphed these characters INTO the types of characters that would do these sort of things, but it seems like some of the actions don't stand to reason. It feels to me, like some of the character's actions are soley to move the story in the direction that's wanted, NOT to service the character's true motivation.

Dick Grayson, happy go fuckin lucky boy wonder turned darker solo hero in a different city. To me, I always thought some of the entitlement went to his head. To storm off in a huff and quit being a sidekick because he doesn't want to play second fiddle anymore, seems to be the seed of not wanting to be a team player. There's already multiple issues against THAT theory w/ him staying w/ the Titans and whoever the hell else. The problem that I see (which is a common one) the guys in charge think "No, this will be cooler." Regardless of whether it stands to reason with the characters true motivation. I don't think Dick would take over the Bat-mantle...for a couple reasons: One, if he was so disenfranchised with the whole hero/sidekick arrangement, why would he choose to become a part of one? Two, I don't think Dick has it in him to take over for the identity that (whether he likes it or not) has a God-like status in his eyes. Now I realize the new Batman&Robin dynamic that everybody loves wouldn't work w/o Dick as Bats and that Damian kid as the new Robin. But whether he's known Bruce the longest or not, he was RAISED by Batman, he was trained throughout his entire life by this mythic figure. I think it's more realistic to say he would be one of the people saying that NO ONE can fill those shoes and show a great disapproval towards whoever did take on the cowl.

Tim, even though his "stuck as a 14 year old" status wouldn't physically work for the new Batman, I think he's the ONLY choice for the Batman takeover. He's the only faithful ward to ever come into the Batman/Robin relationship on a more equal footing. Obviously no Robin will ever be EQUAL to Batman, they're called a sidekick for a reason. But Tim was a partner and is the only one that has the makings to produce a quality Dark Knight. I hope that in the worldly travels that they're sending him on, have him return seeming older and more suited for the role than he already is. Tim made the Robin character kick more ass than it ever had before. The skills that he had even before Bruce's training set him on the path to become someone LIKE Batman already. I think that the hurt Bruce feels from losing Dick and Jason (as different as the losses were) would make him have much less of an "old chum" sort of relationship between he and Tim. That would allow for a hardening of Tim that would facilitate the transformation into Bats even more.

I like the simplistic design of Tim's costume and the old school comic booky illiteration of the adjusted name, RedRobin. The direction that they're taking him now has the possiblity of being cool, but i have a feeling that regardlesss of the mysteries he uncovers, the glory of uncovering those mysteries will be left to Dick because he's the one in the BatSuit. It'll be more graphically dramatic to have Batman on his knees holding the recently recovered body (alive or not) of Bruce Wayne. I personally don't think Dick has the chops, if they're true to the characters, Tim would blow the lid off whatever their plans are...whether he'll get to do so, though? Doubtful. I've seen a whole bunch of folks pissed because Tim is not the new Nightwing....WORST IDEA EVER! If there was a better way to completely invalidate Tim's character? I can't think of it. They made the right choice by having Tim make his OWN new version or darker version of Robin. Nightwing is Dick Grayson, and there's nothing wrong with leaving it that way. DC pulling back on the whole "rotating indistinguishable white guy in a mask" thing is not a bad idea. The Flash has the market cornered on his end, let's not let that weakness into the Bat-family.

I love reading all the nerd detectives exposing the timeline discrepancies and age inaccuracies. I'm not being sarcastic, I enjoy that chore in fiction of keeping the history accurate and so I appreciate the work that these guys do when they uncover something decent. I think job one of this whole mess of crap should be to start skewing Tim older. He should be reflected as at least 19 or 20 by now. All the adventures he's had with Batman, not to mention all he's had on his own, in his own book, can service to age him a little. We also have a new kid in the mix- this Damian kid is now the kid, Tim doesn't have to be anymore. Speaking of Damian and his age, I'm understanding he's supposed to be 10 years old. FUCKING TEN YEARS OLD! What the hell is wrong with these writers? The question every character has should be, "What the fuck is Dick thinking letting a 10 year old jump out of a fucking plane, let alone suit up and fight crime?" I realize Batman started all this young boy sidekick stuff, but Bruce would roll over in his temporary grave if he saw that. How would Gordon of all people be cool with that? I can just SEE Bruce smacking Dick in the back of the head (when he gets back) and saying, "What were you thinking?"

Last tidbit- I don't know, because again, I havn't read every page of the 9 ongoing books that catalogue these events, but they should have these guys stick to their weapons of choice. They (the writers) should pay a little more attention to the man/boy BENEATH the mask and not just the mask itself. Dick has been jumping off rooftops for YEARS as Nightwing using to batons two crack heads. What about a cape and pointy ears would make him, the man beneath the cowl, give that up? I havent' seen one shot of new (more slender Bats) brandishing batons like he has for years. What's up with that? Tim kept his staff. I don't know, I like details like that.

I welcome your insights (those of you that do pick these up on a regular basis) lemme know your thoughts and whether your empty wallet is justified.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Emerald Scarab II

So this is Scarab's wannabe sidekick turned replacement. He's a bit of a technical whiz and invented scarab-themed gear to assist him in his superheroing. He also updated the rather plain classic look of the Emerald Scarab and incorporated a little more flash and spectacle.
If it wasn't for his hero worship of Emerald Scarab, he could have created a rather unique identity all on his own. Teddy has expanded on the original scope, using scarab-themed non-lethal weaponry like gas bombs and graplers. His most astounding achievement is the light weight anti-gravity shield skiff. When not in use, the shield is worn like a backpack (visually mirroring a scarab shell) and can also be held as a shield. There are two pressure plates that depending on shifted weight controls the skiff funtion of the shield allowing close-to-the-ground flight.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blue Scarab is lookin a bit green

That's because I'm thinking about calling him the Emerald Scarab instead. I don't think there'll be any mistaking that the original goldenage BlueBeetle is his inspiration, so a slight name modification makes him a little less lame. Hopefully this change will allow the character to stand on it's own a little bit more.

I'm working on a new self contained (while still subject to Every Major City continuity) about bringing classic goldenage character into the present day. I'm sure I'll be posting more doodles for this story, it's been my obsession of late.

I blame old time radio, DC comics, and GranTorino for this latest invention.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Robbed of a 3-day weekend

I don't know who else out there is getting hosed out of a glorious 3-day this week, but dammit it all to hell.
Getting paid for doing nothing is fine...but a day off is even better in my opinion. It's strange how that paradigm shifts as you get older.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Die mans are forever

Here's my attempt for Starshield to pull off a hip reminds me of the JamesBond intro for some reason.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

You gonna get poked

There's any number things a demon hunting dude could stab you with...but it takes some stones to use the busted tip of an ancient spear.