Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Been writing...no drawings

Sorry for the lackin posts (i love apologizing to myself) I have had a personal goal to post every day....I had it there for a week or two.
I've been writing and tweaking a bunch of different shit, so there's been considerably less doodling.

Last week sucked beyond reason and had totally awesome shit go down too. I got to see this band that I really dig for the first time and they were great. I didn't show up for work one day because they fucked up my scheduel, so it looked like I just abandoned my job, no call in, no nothing. I hooked up with TWO new collaberators and within HOURS one of them is already showing me what a badass he is. My freakin awesome grandmother passed away and because she was sick for a while, I was able to build up this preparative wall and just make myself numb to it. So now i feel guilty that I'm not crushed, I've always been able to compartmentalize emotions if given enough time to prepare and I think some of my family is confused by my lack of emotion about the situation.

Now like any time when shit sucks, the inspiration comes flowing. I nailed the shit out of a song that i've been trying to do for a while. On the comic book front, I've been able to write some stuff completely in character and some that's completely OUT of character, which is a nice change. We've got some great movement on MAM and things are looking up.

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