Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scarabs, Beetles, colors, functions

BulletproofBeetle (yeah i finally landed on a name) is an obvious homage to the the golden age BlueBeetle. While trying to make him not look exactly like BB, I ran into the secondary issue of trying to make sure he doesn't look like the Phantom either. So I ditched the back&forth between "blue" and "emerald" naming and went with functionality.
He's the street-level member of the Super Powered Society of America. Relying on his fists and his .45
He has an enchanted stone scarab that grants him with extreme physical durability. His invulnerablity helps hand-to-hand combat by transferring his higher density to his appendages for a more powerful strike.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SuperMage or SuperHyphenMage...that is the question

This is Super-Mage, he's the arcane leader of the Super Powered Society of America. He's a sorcerer supreme kinda guy- think young charismatic Dr.Strange...with some Alan Scott thrown in there.

He's the organizer and benifactor of the team. He saw the need to combone their efforts for mutual advantage and rallied the top superheroes of the time.

Super-Mage primarily throws fireballs and lightning bolts for offense but is skilled in spells and incantations as well. He hits all the basic magic hero archetypes, escape artistry, projected illusions, and extremely high intelligence.

Monday, August 10, 2009

every man's got gas

I'm finishing up the rest of the Super Powered Society of America. I'm trying to keep all the same quarter turn standing shots (in the same pose) so it's a little monotonous. But I've got the last 3 ready to scan and should be up soon.
Here's Everyman firing a gas bomb canister into the air. I'm gonna color this one too.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Everyman -man of a thousand faces (not uses)

Everyman can do some cool shit...but he's still kind of useless. He uses a chemical he developed to alter every facet of his physical appearance. In that repect he's an ingenious observer as he must articulate every epidermal imperfection of the individual that he's emulating. He can also mimmic any sound he hears, be it mechanical, animal, or most importantly a person's voice. The chemicals that he uses can be imbibed or turned into a vapor and released over his epidermis.

His primary (and only) real weaponry is his trusty gas gun. He uses the gun to weaponize a variety of canistered gases that he takes with him (knock-out, tear gas, etc). His pistol can also launch the gas canisters and act as a grenade launcher that pulls the pin as it's fired.

Everyman's primary use is infiltration and espionage and so he's not exactly an integral part of the Super Powered Society Of America. He's essentially the SuperFriends style Aquaman of the team, he can do a few cool thing, but those things are rarely needed in a super hero team scenario.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Johnny Majestic -the Flying Ace

American pilot, Jonathon Reagle volunteered to assist the French air force during World War I.

Reagle was shot down towards the end of the war. He wasn't taken down by enemy fire though. Thousands of years ago an alien space craft drifted close to the planet Earth. The alien craft hit a cosmic energy storm that tore the ship apart. The ship was made of an incredible metal and small scraps of the ship remained in earth's orbit. The cosmic energy irradiated the ship's remnants for centuries, in effect charging the already unique ore with almost mystical properties.

Over the millenia, small bits of the ship were eventually pulled into orbit and crashed to earth. In 1918, a gasket from the debris, that had been absorbing cosmic energy for thousands of years was finally pulled into orbit and started rocketing to earth. The small metal ring sliced through Reagle's plane like a white hot knife. It slammed into the bedrock and Johnathon crashed his plane just a few hundred yards from the crater. He was under heavy enemy fire as he ran to the crater to see what hit him. To his surprise, he found a small metal ring with a faint blue glow sizzling at the center of the crater. Most of the pilots were rather superstitious and as was their custom to retreive an object (ideally the cause) of a survivable crash. Reagle took off his glove and picked up the ring, as if fate had a hand in it, he put the ring on his finger instead of in his pocket, as enemy machine gun fire rained down into the crater. Reagle should've been riddled with bullets, but he emmerged from the smoke without a scratch and flew into the air with out the aid of a plane.

The French brass put him in charge of his squadron, not willing to look a gift superhero in the mouth. They called him Johnny Majestic and his squadron the Flying Aces. They dominated the French sky for what little time they had left in the war.

Monday, August 03, 2009

LadyLightning -the fightin flapper!

She was the first costumed super heroine to ever appear in Major City. A single lightning strike turned her into an almost unstoppable powerhouse. She gained unmatched physical strength and speed. Unbeknownst to her, the energies that gave her her powers were that of a stray lightning bolt from the hands of Zeus himself.

The idea of costumes and logos weren't prevalent yet, in the 1920's when she got her powers, so her costume was more of functional choice than a statement. Her then trendy flapper style dress was not without it's meaning though, she had idolized the free spirited women of her time who had made the style popular and to her it helped amplify her tremendous physical strength to use her sexuality as well.

From bookworm to bombshell, LadyLightning, forged a new path for future super powered females.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Inspectre: YEAR ONE

I realized there's quite a few old characters that I might've drawn and posted randomly online without ever really revealing any of their backstory.

This is the Inspectre within his first human host, Steve Harlow. Steve was a down-on-his-luck security guard with a bit of a gambling problem that helped out his drinking problem.

Unlike the pesent day Inspectre, who has developed the ability to remain solid and be seen and heard by the living, back in the 1920's he was forced to possess someone in order to interact with the physical world. Over the years he had come into contact with unique people who could see and hear him without any arcane assistance. He found that these unique individuals could also give themselves over to him and through possession grant him access to the physical world while still being able to apply his ghostly abilities to his host. The hist would take on some of the ghost's featureless characteristics and most prominently his giant glowing eyes.