Thursday, November 12, 2009

BulletproofBeetle more costume tweaks

So here's some more tweaks to the Bulletproof Beetle's costume. I added a little extra to the suit make it a little leass glaringly simple. Location appropriate anti-friction ribbing in that cool muted blue that used to be his whole suit.

I hope it makes the look just a little more interesting while still clearly envoking feelings of the classic Blue Beetle and the Phantom.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inspectre hittin' the pipe

I screwed up the Inspectre's pipe's supposed to droop down a bit and I keep drawing it straight. As you can see he's found some evidence and he'll be doing on inspectreeng, inspectrung, inspectoring...he'll figure it out.

Starshield, RetroRobot, Megabolt and more...

The more being those two little bullets bouncing off of Megabolt's hand.
This is the raw scan of a battle damaged Jimmy (mid-sword fight) and some other stuff. Pen sketches on copy paper.

Starblast coming to IMAX 3D...

...well 3D anyway.

I used the ideas they've got over at CubeeCraft as a basis for the design

KRAGG in hi-fidelity technicolor

Kragg The Savage One... in color

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Here's a look at the monster from the forthcoming story by Scotty and I. I've begun referring to him as KRAGG, in true old school Marvel fashion.

I like this drawing because it's incorporating all the aspects I picked up from doing the monster in different artist's style, but hopefully let my own shine through. I was focusing on keeping the tree-trunk arms and fluid tendrills. I forgot the four eyes thing and I don't like the open hand all that much.

I included the raw scan on the inks w/o any of the much needed clean-up and the prelim pencils.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Inspectre...with no overcoat

That's right, I'm turning this into a fashion blog!

So, for the first time in a long time I managed to get some attitude into a drawing, and just my luck it's on a guy with no face. Here's the rawscan of my ghost w/ the most.

I'm gonna adjust the hat brim a bit digitally, it's a little too wide and droopy and I've noticed my unwillingness to draw fingers is returning...I expect that to be a trend that'll ramp up again in the coming posts. I mean really, in todays fast-paced world, who really has time for digits

Mysterious Mystery Guy

I drew this one QUITE a while ago. I remember speciically adding a bunch of that shadowy crosshatching mess to further hide the character's identity (not that anyone would know who he is). I had planned on doing a cryptic "this is a secret concept that I'm working on" kinda post....and never did. This idea is kind of on standby for now, but it's a pretty solid one.
So enjoy a random drawing...out of context.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

BulletproofBug on the run

Here's the BulletproofBug in his more heroic duds. I washed out a whole lotta the blue so that I was left with a very steely grey instead. The enchanted scarab is black (obsidian) so there's no real reason to tie the character to the color blue anymore.

This look s definitely up for debate still. I still wanna stick with the classic look and not get too many "Hey, Cool grey Phantom in short sleeves, dickhead." comments...we'll see.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Monster From The Grave

So this is one that I'm really quite proud of...a rarity, so that's nice.

That forward most tentacle still bugs me because it's not fluid like the rest (I may change it). I think I finally nailed some of the Kirby-monster stubbiness that I was going for in earlier prelim stuff.

I might have done a wee bit of borrowing from Khary Randolph...or rather totally swiped the pose from him.

The Bulletproof Bug circa 1923

What first began as a love letter to an old Golden Age superhero in the form of an archetype tribute, has evolved into a character that I've REALLY grown fond of.

In an effort to still envoke the feelings of the classic BlueBeetle, IndianaJones, and thePhantom, alot of the visual cues are still the same as they've always been (with slight tweaks here and there). I ended up changing the name again, to move him a little further away from the source material that inspired it. I don't want anyone to think that I'm naive enough to believe this guy is wholey original, but I do want him to stand out like a viable archetype character similar to the respect that Omni-Man and TomStrong receive.

This is his short-lived look before he gets his real superhero duds on after he returns to Major City. His adventures abroad had groomed him into a rough & tumble fighter, bringing justice to the streets.

Doc Shaner does STARBLAST

I posted this on deviantart, so I figured I should throw it up here too.

USS Shiney Head

There was a nice young lady who came a took a picture and asked about the book on Saturday of the LongBeach Con. I guess she was from the LongBeachTelegram and put this one of myself and James Riot working on his 15 hour comic.