Thursday, July 09, 2009

Emerald Scarab II

So this is Scarab's wannabe sidekick turned replacement. He's a bit of a technical whiz and invented scarab-themed gear to assist him in his superheroing. He also updated the rather plain classic look of the Emerald Scarab and incorporated a little more flash and spectacle.
If it wasn't for his hero worship of Emerald Scarab, he could have created a rather unique identity all on his own. Teddy has expanded on the original scope, using scarab-themed non-lethal weaponry like gas bombs and graplers. His most astounding achievement is the light weight anti-gravity shield skiff. When not in use, the shield is worn like a backpack (visually mirroring a scarab shell) and can also be held as a shield. There are two pressure plates that depending on shifted weight controls the skiff funtion of the shield allowing close-to-the-ground flight.

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