Thursday, July 30, 2009

ModernBlueBeetle stage2

So here's the last one in my "Beetle Retrospective."

This is last individual (for now) to bear the name Blue Beetle. I really dig the raping of the original concept, only because they stumbled onto something pretty cool. Eventhough there are a couple leaps that spit in the face of even the most elastic comic book logic. The whole "this is the same scarab the original golden age Blue Beetle used" but this time around, it's all space agey and high tech. It bugs me (ha) but not because I don't like the new suit, I don't like the "it will be explained in time" or the "that's one of the mysteries" defenses.

I really like Reyes as the new BB, he's young, energetic, and brings more richness to brazenly retarded changes to the character over the years. He's got some cool Spidey elements to him with the "figuring out his powers" thing and he's a little more lighthearted in all the gloom and doom. His costume could very easily lean towards the dark and brooding side, so I hope they reserve that for when he's older (if the poor guy survives).

So until Kord comes back as the new Parallax, I approve of the new Beetle legacy.

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