Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stranded in distress

As in distressed or antique'd.

This is the "Stranded" pinup that Scotty and I did (original can be found here). I've been wanting to try my hand at the old school "rips and tears" weathered look procedure that makes our MAM covers look so damn cool, thanks to Skutterfly.

Now, as usual- this wasn't accomplished by me finding some easily accessible tutorial. I've found a few...they always baffle me. So in true mattcrap fashion, I've had to find some semi-tard low-tech way to do it. It's not perfected, and I haven't really gotta handle on it looking good in hi-rez.

I'm working on it, though


Scott Godlewski said...

That looks pretty good.

mattcrap said...

Thanks dude- i might be able to do one of our covers if Matt's ever too busy to do it.