Friday, October 09, 2009

MEGABOLT solar vison blast

Here's the raw scan of a Megabolt pinup kinda thing that I'm doing. I got to play with my brush pen and chisel alot at LBCC, so I wanted to try a drawing using them exclusively. It didn't pan out once I needed some really thin lines (i don't have that level of control yet).

I'm trying to get Megabolt into MAM, so I wanna make sure he looks like a credible Golden/Silver Age character, as well as in a style that would reflect that too.

Aside from all the regular abilities that a Superman archetype would have, he's also got sub-zero and solar optic blasts.

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Ted Dawson said...

Matt, this is very cool. I love the lines and the angles.

I like the brush pens as well. As you said, getting fine lines is a little tougher with them. I switched to the Pentel Pocket Brush pen, which has real bristles and replaceable ink cartridges. I've used the same one for over two years and the brush is still in shape.

I like your style. I'm gonna have to check out more of your work.