Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Josh "The Conqueror" Covey does MEGABOLT!

Joshua Covey did this majestic looking Megabolt for me. I slapped a little color on him. I've been looking for a style that really services the Megabolt that I see in my head when I write him. The first thing I said when Josh emailed this to me was, "Holy shit, that's him!" More so than every time I've drawn him, this looks like Megabolt. He's got the right measure of simplistic cartooniness with depth, shadow and dimension too. Just perfect!

I could fill a gallery with all the awesome versions of the big guy, that other folks have been nice enough to draw for me. (I'll compile some and post a bunch tommorow) But for all their greatness, they always leaned too far in a direction that didn't sit right with me. Too serious or too cartoony, one way or the other, they always looked great (and were a blast to see) but finding the right fit has been tough.

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