Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sketch-A-Day 364

Somehow I'm already at 365...I'm guessing it was fucking leap year or something. Leave it to me to pick a fucking 366 day year to do this sketch every day challenge bullshit. I still have a special double-post planned for tomorrow, so I'll make sure that no matter what, this whole Sketch-A-Day fiasco counts and is official.

This is and old character that came from a story that I don't think I can even do anymore (because it's equivalent has already shown up in another book). I still really like the ideas behind it and may just do it anyway.

This is why you don't procrastinate, kids.

EDIT: nope, i fucked up the numbering


Scott Godlewski said...

You skipped 349.

mattcrap said...


marco's blog said...

either way, great stuff!