Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sketch-A-Day 107

This is a little transparent psychology. Pretty much anyone can easily see my feelings for the super hero genre and it's just a kick in the pills every time I hear something that I already know... no one wants to publish an indie superhero book.

I've been working for years to repackage and blend and tweak other interests and story styles into my superhero epic, EVERY MAJOR CITY. These adjustments and changes have always had multiple motivations behind them. A lot of the time it was because of waxing and waning interests in one subject matter or the other but always at the end of it, it boiled down to shrouding my love of the superhero genre in another veil of layers to keep the stories and ideas relevant to the changing audiences.

This sketch is not of any specific hero or villain (so if you're trying to put it together, don't bother) it's just the standard lean bodied archetype of a costumed crime fighter and a random thug. My way of punching the evil thoughts away.

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