Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sketch-A-Day 105

after quite a few sub-standard posts, I figured I should raise that bar back up just a smidge. Don't get me wrong- I never intended this daily sketch blog to have a whole bunch of finished drawings on it, but at LEAST a little bit better quality then those last ones while I was sick.

This is a little thank you/fan art for Ryan Atwood of his character Captain Vigilant. Ryan picked up a couple issues of MAM and shared some kind words about what he thought. I decided to return the favor a little.


Ash Collins said...

nice solid drawing there
though it does look a little like he's smelling his armpit...

mattcrap said...

wow- yeah, it totally does.
It must smell superiffic!

Ryan said...

Actually, amongst his powers is super-body-odor, and here he's using it to fight off villainy! Thanks again for this pic Matt, it's amazing!