Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Nerdity

Here's some more ink work- this is my unauthorized rendering of Scotty's Beast from Twin Shadow Island (you can see the original pencils in his deviantart gallery).

Okay folks, so I had a few days off from all things electronic and/or web-related...it was weird, but ultimately nice. So I had all kindsa nerdity to catch up on. I'm still nowhere NEAR being done with all the blogs, galleries, submissions, posts, and what-have-you that normally gets monitored daily.

Here's a few jems...

Apparently Marvel's gotta chick Bucky coming out in CaptainAmerica...a "Buckette" if you will. The shitty thing about that already crappy idea, is that they didn't bother going more original with the design. I can forgive the uniform (it matches the original Bucky's) but the WWII goggle wearing chick sportin' a 45 has not-so-recently been done by the good folks over at AtomicRobo. You can see Wegener's prelim designs at his blog. My thing is this: I realize we're all gonna stumble upon similar designs here and there, but for fuck's sake, open your eyes.

So DC has been dropping little images on their website hinting at new titles they will be releasing. So obviously by the image on the far left, it looks like DC will be bringin us some DocSavage action (while cool) and while that image is pretty decent, they should've tapped Godlewski to do it up right.

Just checking out Dark Horse's August Solicitations, is a treat. There's a crapload of Mignola books coming out that month, with Mignola covers t'boot.

BlacklistDA or Daniel Bradford's (as his parent's named him) has finally got his book out. ROBOT-13 is gonna debut at the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art Festival. Fellow deviants have been treated with sneakpeeks along the way and Daniel has worked on this.

Check it out folks

alright, that's it

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Scott Godlewski said...

It makes me very sad to think that Doc Savage will soon be a part of the mess that is the DC Universe.