Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sketch-A-Day 205

Project Rooftop had a thing on the Phantom, so I started messing around with fucking up a classic look.

Obviously I kind of already have by the looks of a certain stage of Bulletproof Beetle's costume, but I still wanted to do it. I wanted to make some smart design ENHANCEMENTS not drastic changes.

I figure updating the costume for a modern day descendant of Walker would be the right move. I wanted to update for real world tenchnology advances. I figured a secret identity wouldn't last too long if he kept the no gloves look as well as having a new suit out of kevlar weave. I hope that he'd upgrade to some fully automatic pistols mounted on two lower back holsters. The big jump is a bit that goes into unreal technology- a light refracting Predator style camouflage. He trades the classic belt for a control device designed to look like the old belt buckle. He hits the skull buckle and an electric charge courses through the suit, making him invisible...truly a ghost who walks.

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