Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sketch-A-Day 68

i haven't been up-to-date on either of the Big2's comics for a LONG time. I try to pick up an issue or two and I'm always left ultimately disappointed (not necessarily in the art or writing- although sometimes that's the case) but mostly with the lack of anything cool REALLY happening. There's a shit-ton of references that I don't get (because I'm not reading the Spectacular, Amazing, Stupendous, and Astonishing versions of the same book) and usually it's alot of stretched out crap...that over TIME might be cool. But if you can't really give me anything in 22 pages, just stop.

So I get most of my "universe news" from CBR and Newsarama. I did this in response to more of the"Who Will Wield The Shield?" talk. Which if I'm mistaken was already solicited and came out and by ASKING a question, I'd assume they'd be answering it in that same book. But if they're still going on and on about it, fuck...wouldn't this be an acceptable retcon?

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