Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sketch-A-Day 58

This was kind of the final look I went with on the Alias page. I finally finished that damn thing today/yesterday. I went with a very basic non-descript archer character that was derived from my early interpretations of Spider, although now he bears pretty much zero resemblance to the original.

I tried to go with what made sense: a covered/protected bow arm and a bare unfettered arrow arm. The pouches? I couldn't help myself, I found one old picture with a few utility patches on his belt so I owned it. I went a little more modern with the bow, not as generic recurve as the original.

that's pretty much it.


Mike Powell said...

I love your reimagining of old public domain characters! I've done a bit of it myself. I do a webcomic called "Revenger" about a character based strongly on the Golden Age Daredevil. And my character, Sovereign, has a few conceptual elements of the American Crusader.

Great work, Matt!

LAWay said...

Quality work man, its a great drawing, design and pose. Really good stuff.

mattcrap said...

Mike- I know, I've been diggin your Revenger stuff for a few weeks, now. I've been trying to get ahold of you. Give me your email, I've gotta proposition.

Leigh- thanks man, they're few and far between with most of these sketches

Mike Powell said...

Sure, you can reach me at


Mike Powell