Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm Green (Ghost) with Envy!

So there's this fuckin guy named Scott Godlewski and he's one of those genius artists who just doesn't seem to realize it yet. Anyway, he's got the character TheGreenGhost, and in his deceiving simplicity is what originally drew me to the character. Then you get in there and you find all the layers, not only in the concept and scope but also physical design.

You can pick up the GreenGhost's first published adventure over at Indyplanet.
I wanted to do a coatless and hatless bust to see if he still retains "the look" that he establishes when fully garbed.

Apparently i thought he should be a hunchback in this one. Oops. I was mostly wanting to play with distressed ziptones.

I like the GreenGhost....can you tell?


Scott Godlewski said...

Yeah, I can tell :) Do you think he retains his "look" without the hat and coat?

mattcrap said...

i think he still feels like him without the crutch of the classic hat and coat. In the same way Dick Tracy wouldn't ALWAYS have on the yellow hat and trenchcoat. You still have them as part of his overall design, but the hat blowing off or him slugging it out without a big coat on, we know he'll still FEEL like him.

I guess I'm saying they're not trademark. He has enough green on him to still resonate even w/o the coat. The layers (turtleneck, vest, etc) don't make him feel like he's missing anything.